WESSC/The Oakley Institute

Please note that smoking is not allowed anywhere within the Oakley Institute.

Dancing is not permitted in the upstairs Function Room.

The hirer shall:

  1. Ensure that no lighted candles are used and that nobody smokes on the premises.
  1. Defray the cost of making good any damage to the building, furniture and other property.
  1. Leave the premises in a clean and orderly state.
  1. Make no alterations to the existing light fittings or other electrical circuits without permission and shall not permit any nail, screw, hook, drawing pin or other fastening to be driven into the structure, furniture or fittings of the room.

  The Trustees:  

  1. Reserve to themselves and their accredited representative the right to enter the room at all times.
  1. Reserve the right to cancel any booking, in which event the total charges paid by the hirer will be refunded and the Oakley Institute shall not be liable to pay any compensation.
  1. Will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any property brought into the premises by the hirer, his employees or any other person whatsoever or for any loss, damage or injury which may be incurred or be done or happen to any persons using the premises.